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Launching the concept

Over the past weeks I have had several ideas which I would like to see realised. All of them have a web 2.0 feel to them and they are all internet based. Trouble has been that I do not have any real programming skills or ambitions. This means that I will need someone else to do most of the developing and that involves a lot of money. Then the other day I saw Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten send out a tweet about his new initiative. We exchanged some emails and a decision has been made. Yes, I will offer the possibility to work with me on some of the projects in my mind. I am really interested where this decision is going to take me (and possibly you), but it is exciting never the less.

Next up will probably be a restyle of my blog as well.

Spread the love

Even twitter became love ground yesterday. Twitter users could declare each other their love by sending a <3 which would convert into a heart on their web timeline. Gtalk users also saw hearts as gtalk converted the <3 as well. Receivers of hearts could easily respond by using a special “Yes” button in their timeline. Lets just say that it was fun, got some people in a frenzy and generally messed up everybodies timelines by flooding them with love. Joy all around.

Nevertheless, I did feel something was missing. Valentine’s also is the day to send your secret declaration of love to others. Twitter listed your name, so that couldn’t really be seen as an anonymous declaration by any definition. Wouldn’t it have been great if you could have sent a direct message to @valentwitter to say you loved one of your followers? It would have made the excitement even bigger.

But for me… Yesterday, I just left my Valentine’s surprise in the kitchen and when she found it, she loved it.


Nou ik het toch al over de fiets heb, wil ik daar nog wel wat aan toe voegen. Waarom wordt de fiets zo weinig gebruikt om een boodschap mee over te brengen? Terwijl er duizenden elke dag onderweg zijn en sponsoring mooie mogelijkheid zou zijn.

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Plug in op de fiets

Vorige week heb ik een nieuwe fiets gekocht. Geweldig. Alles loopt lekker soepel werkt zoals het moet. En op nieuwe fietsen krijg je ook allerlei gadgets. Ook prima. Maar waarom werken die allemaal op batterijen? Daar gaat het idee dat de fiets milieu vriendelijk is.

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